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Caviar from Aquitaine

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Ever heard of caviar that is raised in France?  With caviar from the Caspian Sea  being either too expensive or morally murky ( Caspian Sea sturgeons have been on the endangered species list for a while) or just plain unavailable, many countries have seen growth   in their farmed caviar industries, notably the U.S., Canada, Israel …

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Petite Dejeuner in the Béarn

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When arriving in Orthez, our first stop, even before our house, is always our favorite  dairy,  Ferme Lait P’tit Béarnais.  A couple miles up the road from our house, this family-run organic farm features the output of their small troupe of 20 or so of the local tawny brown Bearnaise cows;  raw milk, sometime still …

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Foie gras terrine: why not keep one around the house?

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On the lookout for Foie Gras On a Tuesday in November, the display of foie gras at the market in Orthez is an impressive sight.  Not that the market at Orthez is uniquely gifted with foie gras; at this time of the year,  most of the markets in the region are similarly gifted.  The holiday …

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Famous Trout

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The cold streams of the Pyrenees are renowned for the wonderful quality of the freshwater fish they produce.  For this reason, one can find the designation Truite de Banca in markets and on menus throughout the  the Southwest of Franc. The Branca trout are raised in stream-fed ponds in the mountain pass above Saint-Jean Pied …

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First dinner in Orthez

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On arriving at our home in Orthez, the first order of business is always a visit to the market.  Conveniently, we arrived just in time for the Saturday Market (the smaller of the two weekly markets featuring exclusively local farm product  (the big market day, that includes in addition to food,  a wide range of …

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