Cheese Label Art

I not usually the sort of person who collects things.  Well, some may argue with that assertion but if you leave aside books and old menus, I don’t collect much.  The one exception is cheese labels.  I have saved the labels from cheeses for since the period when my wife and I lived in France.  …

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Foie Gras Terrine for the Holidays

January 06, 2011

It is hard to image the holiday season in France without foie gras. During an October visit to Maison Lafitte Foie Gras in the village of Montaut (note: our friends who live in Montaut would undoubtedly correct me on this point…by the traditional definition, Montaut is a Bourg, not a village, the difference being that a Bourg has a doctor. With a population of only 600 however, feels distinctly like a village) in France’s Chalosse region, General Manager Fabian CHEVALIER told me that his annual production cycle was driven by the sales demands of December, when a majority of the year’s output would be sold. Both for Christmas and New Years, foie gras in all its forms is a must. However, working with foie gras can be a daunting prospect for those who haven’t had the experience. And given the cost of good quality fresh foie gras, mistakes can be expensive. Fortunately, if you follow few simple steps carefully, a great foie gras terrine is really not that complicated.

Each year at Le Pichet, we serve foie gras in terrine as a special for the Holidays. But you might say “foie gras seems too fancy and expensive for Le Pichet” and you would generally be right. However, given the importance of foie gras to the season in France, we make an exception in December.

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