Ossau Iraty

Wrapping paper used by Monsieur and Madame Andre CHAHON of Morlanne, near Pau.  I encountered their stand inside la Moutet at the Tuesday Market in Orthez, where they were offering a range of their raw milk sheep’s cheeses.  This sample came wrapped around a wedge of their 12 month old Ossau Iraty, which is perhaps the best known AOC (Appellation d’Origin Contrôlé =  a label awarded by the French government to a regional product guaranteeing that is adheres to certain requirements in regard to its geographical area of origin, contents and method of production) cheese from the Pyrenees Atlantique region.  Ossau Iraty is a pressed curd cheese,  meaning that during the cheese making process, the curds are gently pressed so that more of the whey is removed.  This results in a dryer, firmer cheese.  Ossau Iraty is molded in flattened rounds of about 9-10#  with a dry natural rind.

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