2011 Foie Gras Terrine Photos


Two beautiful lobes of foie gras from the Hudson Valley, about 4.3#

Making foie gras terrine is a Holiday tradition around our house.  As described in an earlier post, a good terrine of foie gras is, in France, as important to Christmas, as, well, Pere Noël.   This year during the terrine making process, I got some additional photos that might be helpful if you are trying to follow my recipe for terrines yourself.  I hope you will find these interesting.

Saoking the livers to remove any blood spots and to make them more pliable when removing the veins.
Removing veins and blood spots in the livers.
Marinated livers in their terrines, ready to bake.
Checking the internal temperature...this terrine is not done yet!
Weighing the finished terrines to level to top.
The finished terrine ready to serve.
The finished terrine, cut to show the interior.

This year, I served the terrine with toasted country bread and baked apples.  The apples, which were served warm as a foil to the cool richness of the foie gras, had been basted with a reduction of apple cider, vanilla bean, honey and butter, and then roasted for about 45 minutes.














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