Raclette to make seasonal return.


What:  Raclette is on the return at Cafe Presse and Le Pichet.
Where:  Le Pichet and Cafe Presse
When:  Le Pichet beginning today, December 13, 2011
Cafe Presse beginning January 3, 2012

Ever since July when Le Pichet’s Raclette Savoyarde was featured on the Food Network show “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”, it has been the most requested dish on our menus.  Which is really saying something, as each year, we hear from many, many people who are eagerly awaiting the return of Steak Tartare at Cafe Presse or of Gratin Lyonnais at both restaurants and would like to know the exact date when these dishes will be back on the menu  (Steak Tartare is on the menu during summer months at Cafe Presse and Gratin Lyonnais during the winter both Cafe Presse and Le Pichet).

The good news is that the season for Raclette Savoyarde is here again.  Le Pichet began serving Raclette as a dinner special this evening and will continue to do so until it becomes a part of the regular lunch and dinner menus this Friday, December 16, 2011.  Cafe Presse will begin serving Raclette as a dinner special on January 3, 2012 and it will become part of the regular menu on Tuesday January 24, 2012.  Raclette will be offered at both restaurants throughout the winter and into early spring.

As discussed in an earlier post, we stick to our policy of offering Raclette only seasonally for two reasons:  First, the best quality raclette cheese is made only during the summer months in the high mountain pastures of the Alps.  After 5-6 months of aging, cheese is ready to eat and arrives in Seattle, at which time we put it on the menu.  Second, raclette, like fondue, is a rich, warming dish best enjoyed in the cold months of winter.

Anyway, enough talk…come by and try it yourself.






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3 thoughts on “Raclette to make seasonal return.”

  1. Hooray for raclette!! The seasonal/occasional thing that *I* love most chez vous is strong cheese. I wish its availability was predictable, or maybe there could be a Twitter account? @StrongCheese — and you could tweet when it’s in.

    (Obviously this is ridiculous. I do love strong cheese though.)

    1. Thanks for your kind words about our “fromage fort”. I will try to post on this blog when it is going to be available at Le Pichet. The problem is that it takes so long to age (we generally age it 6 months or more) and it is difficult to predict when it will be ready. I will do my best!

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