Chicken stock

This recipe for chicken stock differs from the classic method I learned for making stock during my time at the Ecole Ferrandi in Paris.  At Ferrandi, all the vegetables were carefully peeled and dices and the herbs and spices tied into a boquet garni using cheesecloth.  However, I find that using the skins and peels …

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Red Muscat grape jam

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This jam, made with Muscat grapes that have a slightly more lively acid profile than most table grapes, is a great foil for well aged goat cheeses.  This recipe makes about 12 half pint jars of jam.


Olive walnut tapenade

Tapenade is one of the archetypical condiments of the French region of Provence.  As with many regional specialties, there are as many versions of tapenade as there are cooks in Provence.  This version used 3 different varieties of olive, but the rich, earthy flavor given by the oil cured olives predominates.  If you plan to …

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