Rainy Saturday at the Farmers Market

Saturday morning,  having coffee at a Greek restaurant up the street from the University District Farmers Market, reading Michael Lynch’s In Praise of Reason, thinking the reasonable course might be to stay here instead of going out into the rain to shop.

Proof of what a strange transition from Summer to Fall we had this year:  tomatoes still very present on the farm tables. Even a few melons and peppers still lingering around.

All the cabbage family really hitting their stride:  Brussels Sprouts, Romanesco, cauliflower, Savoy, red and green cabbages, broccoli.

Beautiful quinces available at prices between $3 and $6 a pound depending on the stand.

Yellow chantrelles make a comeback with the rain and don’t even look that wet.

Pears, apples, asian pears, walnuts, even some grape, both concord and white table grapes.

Squashes, pumpkins, acorns, kabochas and many more but so far none of the big French red pumpkins that were so good last year.

A lot of dogeared vendors using poles to spill the pooling rain from their tents.  You know when the vendors start thanking you for “making it out in this weather”, its a crummy day.


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