Is Seattle America’s Best City for Hipsters?

photo: Travel and Leisure Magazine 2012

According to an article on the website for Travel and Leisure Magazine, Seattle is the “#1 best city in America for Hipsters”.  As the article points out, this may or may not be a compliment.  It is, in any event,  the verdict of readers of Travel and Leisure, who ranked 35 cities based on what they call “relevant cultural features” (and no, I don’t think that they are being ironic, although I can imagine them using air quotes when saying “relevant cultural features”).  Seattle came in #1 and next door neighbor Portland #2.

Regardless of your take on this distinction, I hope you will share my admiration for  Travel and Leisure’s choice of photos  to head the article (see above).  Cafe Presse looks good whether they mean it in a nice way or not.

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1 thought on “Is Seattle America’s Best City for Hipsters?”

  1. Hi,
    Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the bike parking you’ve got in front of your cafe. I find that I come back to Presse regularly because I know it’s easy to park my bike in front. Not to mention the great coffee, food and soccer viewing.
    Seriously, thank you.

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