Saturday lunch, Alsace-style


Quick photo of me at lunch with the part of the Drohman family that lives in Alsace…where, incidentally,it is spelled Drohmann.  This photo only shows a part of the group, which numbered about 25 guests, all of whom are either cousins, cousines or their spouses and children.

This branch of the family split from my branch in the early 1800’s when two brothers, George and Johan Drohmann, left Germany headed for America. For reasons unknown, one stopped in Alsace in a town named Flaxlanden and the other continued (on foot!) to Calais and on to the U.S.

Lunch was at an inn called Au Coq in the little town of Illfurth in southern Alsace. The menu included carpe frites, a specialty of the region of the Sungau, as well as bouchées a la reine, a sort of puff pastry shell filled with a creamy mixture of chicken and mushrooms, and pot au feu, or beef shank simmered in broth, as well as lots of good Alsatian wine.

An after lunch walk along the canal of the Rhine river was definitely welcome!

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