In Alsace

Sign outside shop in Colmar, advertising one of Alsace’s trademark culinary specialties.

I am in Alsace!  As a prelude to a visit to our house in the SW of France, decided to plan a week in a region about which I don’t know very much…a considerable shortcoming on my part, given that I have family that live in Flaxlanden, a village outside of Mulhouse in southern Alsace.

Look for upcoming posts from this très belle region of France.

Fountain in the town of Zellenberg, in the wine region of Alsace
Fountain in the town of Zellenberg, in the wine region of Alsace
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2 thoughts on “In Alsace”

  1. I live in Alaska and my sister in law lives nearby your establishment and has raved about Cafe Presse for years. I finally got to go today and I was absolutely delighted with the menu and the ambiance. I declared “I am so happy.” three times during our meal. I spent my junior year abroad in Strasbourg (28 years ago!) so I am quite pleased to see you are there visiting la route du vin. Perhaps you can incorporate some traditional Alsatian recipes in an upcoming menu.

    1. I am sure that things I have enjoyed will show up this Fall or Winter. Also, our quarterly Chef’s Dinner at Cafe Presse (in late November) will likely feature and All-Alsace menu…keep your eye on this blog for upcoming details.

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