Sea bass with spring vegetables

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It’s a cliché that chefs find their inspiration in the market.  Fortunately, it’s a clichés that also happens to be true, as often as schedules and demands of the kitchen allow (wish it was everyday!).  If a kitchen is available, the leisure of travel is the prefect time to indulge.

Here is evidence for the theory: a basket full of fresh seasonal stuff found in the Saturday market in Orthez.  The season being a little advanced in comparison to Seattle, I found fava beans, small violet artichokes, young garlic and a beautiful bar de ligne (line-caught sea bass from St.-Jean-de-Luz). 

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Here’s another cliché that happens to be true:  With ingredients like this, the menu just about writes itself.  I opted to roast the bass whole with some lemon, thyme, garlic and shallots in the cavity, and to serve it with quinoa and a ragout of spring vegetables.  For the ragout, the handiwork is considerable but made easier by the tenderness of the young artichokes – easier to turn –  and the fact that tiny first favas don’t need to be peeled, just shelled.

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While the bass was roasting, I sauteed the artichokes, young garlic and favas with olive oil,  deglazed with vermouth and white wine, then finished with a big chunk of butter.

Bar orthez may 2015 3

There you have it , bar roti au four, ragout de légumes de printemps.

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