Best French Onions Soup in Seattle? The Weekly says its at Cafe Presse

A recent web article by Seattle Weekly food critic Hanna Raskin proposes to sort out once and for all the question of who makes the best French onion soup in Seattle.  After what (one can only assume) was an exhaustive search, she and her team named their list of “Seattle’s 9 Best French Onion Soups”.  Their conclusion?

Cafe Presse is #1.

And although Le Pichet’s Gratin Lyonnais appeared on Hanna’s list at #8, she also noted that:

“The popular gratin Lyonnais is the same delicious soupe a l’oignon gratinee served at Cafe Presse, masquerading under a fancier name.”

(note: if you check the fine print regarding this ranking, you will see that she specifies that #9 through #2 are listed in no particular order, whereas  #1 is definitely the best)

Whats in a name?
Hanna is correct in pointing out that the recipe for the Gratin Lyonnais at Le Pichet and for the Soupe a l’oignon gratinée at Cafe Presse is one and the same.  She is also correct that our version is based on chicken stock, as is the case in Lyon, not on beef stock which is more often used in Paris.  However, contrary info in the article,  it should be noted that  Grand Central Bakery makes the chewy country loaf we use for our croutons.   Check out the recipe for more details.

Although I am always thrilled when people say nice things about us, the timing of this article is not the most fortunate.  Onion soup has recently left the menu at both Le Pichet and Cafe Presse.  However, you can be sure  that, when the weather starts to turn cold in the Fall, it will make its return.  Just like every year.


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