Seattle University Donates Soil for Cafe Presse Gardens

George Hutton from the Seattle University staff delivers soil to our new gardens..

As discussed in a previous post, we at Cafe Presse have undertaken a project to reclaim two disused tree pits in our sidewalk and turn them into gardens .  We got the idea when we read about the Pollinator Pathway project that aims to establish a corridor for indigenous pollinators (bees, butterflies, hummingbird, bats, etc) along Columbia Street between the Seattle University Campus on 12th Avenue and Nora’s Woods on 29th.  Although Cafe Presse is not in the Pollinator Pathway route and therefore not part of the project, we figured that a such a good idea can use all the support we can give, and that a few extra gardens couldn’t be a bad thing.

Fortunately for us,  Janice Murphy of Seattle University noticed our work.  Janice is a coordinator for the team that maintains the lovely Landscaping and Grounds on the SU campus.  She offered to supply high quality soil for our gardens and to have it delivered right to our curbside.

Our thanks to Janice and Seattle University for this generous offer and especially to George Hooper, who actually delivered the soil and did most of the work of putting it in place in our gardens (while I stood around taking photos).

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