3 thoughts on “Trout from the Pyrenees with favas, baby artichokes and nettle pistou”

  1. I’m wondering if I’m missing something here. I’ve tried viewing the following pages with Firefox and Chrome but am still not seeing the actual recipes themselves, mostly just comments n the recipes: Gratin Lyonnais, Canned albacore tuna, Country style pâté with pork and duck confit, Brandade Nîm oise, Pickled Asparagus, Pork shank and Spring herb terrine, Oeufs plats jambon fromage, Vinegar with Summer Herbs, Whole Wheat Seed Bread made with Sour Starter, Sour Starter from Rye Flour, Liqueur aux fleurs de cerisier, Liqueur de Farigoule, Terrine of whole duck foie gras. I’m only 8 pages in so there may be more. Are the links broken or am I just goofy?

    1. Hell Vic;

      An update to WordPress caused the problem with seeing recipes. I am working on updating them, starting with newest to oldest. Sorry for the inconvenience! Jim

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