Chicken pot pie

A bubbly warm chicken pot pie is a perfect dish for a frosty December lunch.  It is also a perfect use for the hindquarters of a older farm chicken, which are pretty firm (not to say tough) and require long cooking.  I poached the legs and thighs in chicken stock with aromatics, then used that broth to make a savory gravy enriched with heavy cream and rosemary. For veggies, December offers a range of root vegetables, squashes, alliums and mushrooms that go very well with chicken. I used champignons de Paris, whole baby shallots and roasted red kuri squash, all poached int he same chicken broth before making the gravy, each adding its distinct flavor.

For pastry, I used the same dough recipe that is used at Le Pichet for its famous quiche, buttery and flakey.  Yum

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