Fall radishes

Some clearly very organic radishes…the grasshoppers are loving the leaves.

Wow, it has been a warm start to the fall here in the Southwest of France.  Record breaking even.  On Saturday, it hit 32 C, and last week it hit 37 C, which broke the record for October high temperature in the area.

As the summer heat tempered in September, we planted a fall crop including two kinds of radishes, scallions and baby turnips.  A stretch rainy days in mid September, followed by consistently warm days has meant that the radishes have really shot up!  Turnips are not far from ready, but scallions have been slow.  Live and learn.


4 thoughts on “Fall radishes”

  1. I just heard the news!!! Congratulations to you both for always following your dreams. I’m so excited to hear that you have moved to French. Love that Jim has continued his blog to share recipes and the beauty of where you’re now living. Please give Sheila my contact information as I would love to stay in touch. I have fond memories of take French lessons with you both and traveling with you in Italy on my sole backpacking trip to Europe. Hope our paths will cross again someday. Merry Christmas & Happy New Years! Joice

  2. Hello and Merry Christmas from your old Cafe Presse bartender, Gina!
    I miss you both and hope all is well in your French world. 🙂
    I am over the moon that you are still keeping this website going.
    Thank-you for the recipes.
    Happy new year!!

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