Two gnocchi dishes for spring

Café Presse offers Paris-style gnocchi sautéed with Portobello mushroom, snap peas, pea vines and brown butter, topped with herbed fresh cheese

Spring has inspired both Chef Randall Brush at Cafe Presse and Vince Hall at Le Pichet to offer a gnocchi dish.

At Cafe Presse, the featured gnocchi are made Paris-style, with eggs, butter, wheat flour and parmesan cheese. At Le Pichet, we have opted for gnocchi in the style popular in Nice, made with potatoes, eggs and only a touch of flour. Two different dishes from the opposite ends of France!

At Le Pichet, try sautéed Nice-style potato gnocchi tossed with asparagus, green chard, golden raisins and basil pistou, topped with shaved Parmesan

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