A chef in the Pays Basque

Pat Basque 2016 Bayonne
Vieux ville or old city in Bayonne, the capitol of the French Basque Countries

For 5 days in July, Café Presse Chef de Cuisine Patrick MacWhorter visited the French Basque countries as the guest of Société Agour,  a producer of traditional Basque cheeses and jambon de Bayonne.  During this time, Pat had the opportunity to visit artisan fromageries, charcutiers and much, much more.  He also was in Bayonne for the famous Ferias de Bayonne, which is the largest Basque city festival in France.

Societé Agour asked Pat to come along because of their long relationship with both Le Pichet and Cafe Presse.  We have served their beautiful cheeses as part of our Assiette de Fromages for years, including the Brique Fermier Agour, P’tit Basque and AOC Ossau Iraty.  We were also one of the first restaurants in Seattle to offer authentic AOC jambon de Bayonne when it was approved for importation last year.  So when Agour was looking for American chefs to invite to visit their ateliers for a first hand look at how they work, our local Agour distributor thought of Pat.

Pat is already back at work behind the stoves at Café Presse, but we are just now processing his photos and hearing his stories.  Over the next few weeks, as they get organized, we will be sharing them with you.

And in honor of Pat’s travels, our Summer Chef’s Dinner at Cafe Presse, on Tuesday August 30, 2016, at 6:30pm, will feature the food and wine of the French Basque Countries.  Complete info about this dinner including the menu will be posted soon on this blog and on Cafe Presse’s website. Or you can reserve seats now by calling Café Prese at 206 709-7674.

Pat Basque 2016 flags
Bayonne decked out for the Feria
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