Le Pichet de Paris

Deanne Pichet de Paris April 2015
Another Le Pichet, this one in Paris’s 8th Arrondissement.

Here is a nice photo sent to us from Paris by a good friend mine.  Located in Paris’s 8th arrondissement, this Le Pichet (de Paris) obviously has no relation to our own Seattle Le Pichet, except for the shared name.

It is a true that, when traveling in France, restaurants named Le Pichet seem to pop up pretty often.    I personally know of Le Pichets in Paris (two different places!), Avignon, Grenoble, Strasbourg and Besacon, and I am guessing that there are many more.

The popularity of the name is testimony to a  corresponding popularity of wine served  in pichets and carafes., which is nearly universal in traditional, working class restaurants.

Although not in the same league of commonness as names like  Bistro de Centre, Le Zinc or Restaurant de la Gare, for example, restaurants, bars and bistrots named Le Pichet are common enough that they have been noticed by many of our friends and guests during their travels  in France.  In this way, over the years, Le Pichet has accumulated a small trove of photos and postcards featuring restaurants bearing our name.  Check them out on the walls when you next visit us.  And there is still room for more, so if you see another Le Pichet, drop us a postcard!



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