New dishes for Café Presse Spring menu

CP New Menu tuna
Local asparagus, oil-poached albacore tuna, fingerling potatoes and creamy garlic-caper vinaigrette.

This week, Cafe Presse chef de cuisine Dre Neeley rolled out the new menu for Spring 2015.  As always, the first day of the new menu included two menu tastings that allowed the entire staff to sample the new dishes.

Here are photos of the new dished to whet your appetite…come by and give them a try yourself:

CP New Menu Rillons

Salad of green beans, Napa cabbage, walnuts, tarragon, with walnut-tarragon vinaigrette and crispy pork belly confit.

CP New Menu soup
Rustic white bean soup, escarole, spring onions, thyme and roasted garlic chèvre

CP New Menu tartare

Hand chopped and seasoned NW Grass-fed beef, with tomato chutney and frisée-herb salad.  Served as an appetizer with grilled baguette slices or as a main course with pommes frites.

CP New Menu Panisse

Crispy Nicoise-style chickpea fritters on simmered sweet peppers, tomatoes, chard, smoked paprika an black olives.

CP New Menu trout

Sauteed Idaho trout filet, served on peas, asparagus, green flageolet beans in a porcini broth, with watercress crème fraiche.

CP New Menu quail

Grilled, sweet-spice rubbed quail, warm Israeli couscous, parsley, cress, spinach, almonds, and carrot ginger puree.

CP New Menu steak

NW Grass Fed petit strip steak, onion-chive-scallion cream sauce with bleu cheese, pommes frites.

CP New Menu Cold Chix Salad

Roasted Washington free-range chicken served cold with mayonnaise;  cold salad of chickpeas, roasted cauliflower, radishes, parsley, golden raisins and ras al hanout vinaigrette (shown here, just the salad).


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