Raw Milk Comte

Comte Oct 2014

If you like cheese labels, or just like cheese, here is an interesting specimen…the label from a raw milk 12 month cave aged Comté.  Comté is sort of like a village designated gruyere, meaning it is one of the cheeses that fall broadly under the label “Gruyere” but comes from a smaller sub-area that has earned its own designation and AOC.

This monster, which weighed 90#, is from the Jura region, in the foothills of the French alps.  This cheese is delicious enough to eat as a cheese course, with flavors of fresh milk overwhelmed by the caramelized richness of age…it often develops salt crystals in the “mie” or meat of the cheese like an old Parmesan.  However, it is a multi-purpose cheese at both Le Pichet and Cafe Presse used in everything from omelettes and croques (Cafe Presse) to baguette sandwiches and bakes eggs (Le Pichet and Cafe Presse), even broiled on the top of our Gratin Lyonnais (also both, depending on the season).



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