3 thoughts on “Sheep cheese and cherry jam”

  1. Jim! I’m beyond jealous, reading this. It reminds me of the time Mac and I left Paris for Bordeaux and stopped along the way in a small village to check out their local market. We’re still talking about the confiture we got from Denise — an old woman in a babushka who also tried to sell us a chicken (if only we could!), and about the thick slice of Pyrenees cheese that tided us over when, later in the day, we failed to find overnight accommodations and drove beyond Bordeaux, fearful we’d spend the night in the car eating that jam and cheese with the last crumbs of our baguette. (Of course, that led to another fabulous adventure in dining, in a small nearly closed-up town, later that night.) Can you please send me a note with your email address ASAP? I’ve got something to ask you. Have fun!

  2. Another jealous reader of this post. Each time I see your pictures from visits to France it brings back such memories. I wish I were there.
    P.S. I did do the math, and you’re right; it does make me sad!

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