Enjoy Wine at Cafe Presse for To-Go Prices

What: Vin ExPresse, when you can purchase bottles of wine to drink at Cafe Presse for To-Go prices.
When: Monday through Thursday, 4pm to 6pm during the month of April
Where: Your favorite bar stool or table at Café Presse

During the month of April, Café Presse will be offering Vin ExPresse to inaugurate our new In-House wine shop.

Vin ExPresse, which takes place between the hours of 4pm & 6pm, Monday through Thursday throughout the month of April, is your opportunity to enjoy In-House any wine on our list at our new amazinly low To-Go prices. You heard that right:  Bottles of wine on the premises will be available for $8 to $14  (that’s for the bottle, not the glass!).

In addition, the kitchen at Café Presse will offering wine friendly snacks at special prices.  Bring your friends, share a bottle and enjoy a lovely Spring afternoon.

What could be better than that?

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