Cafe Presse has an “In House” wine shop

Vin Presse 2 2013
Stop by our new in house “wine shop”, Vin Presse to see the fantastic to-go bottle prices.

Big news at Cafe Presse;  we now have an in-house “wine shop”, which we call Vin Presse.

Wine Director Joanne Herron says:

“All bottles range from $8-$14, excellent values for every bottle on our restaurant wine list. We will  additionally be offering special seasonal selections.  This is a perfect match with our food-to-go, as well as for anyone looking for a great wine buy on their way home, or at any time of the day.”

An additional 10 percent discount will is offered on purchases of 12 or more bottles.  Please let us know in advance if you would like more than one case of wine, so that we can assure its availability.

I have always admired the ability of Joanne and her wine managers to ferret out simple and simply delicious wines from the countryside of France at fantastic prices.   These wines not only offer great value, they also make an excellent pairing with the simple, farm driven, traditional food of France. Now you can enjoy those same wines every day “chez vous”.

Remember Vin Presse prices are for to-go bottles only.  Wine enjoyed at Café Presse is available at our already low wine list price.


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