Good eating with a nice beurre blanc

Image Journal SudOuest July 2012

Recently caught in the waters of the Gave de Pau near Orthez (gave = river in the local dialect):  A pike measuring almost 1 meter in length.  The feature article in the local newspaper SudOuest goes on to state that it has been an exceptional year for fishing in the gave with unusually high number of salmon and sea trout being reported.  The article also notes that the summer has seen a “handsome catch in eels”.


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  1. Bonjour Jim,
    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate reading your blog. Thanks for the good read and recipes. I’ll be in Paris working for the next several months; let me know if you and Sheila will be passing through. It would be nice to have a meal together.
    Lia Corrado

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