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  1. Bon voyage Jim & Sheila! Nous partons le 12 October pour Nice.

    So, at the fromageries, would the monsieur not have allowed you to take his picture if you hadn’t purchased the yogurt and the musty Saint-Marcellin? I do remember one time I was taking pictures of a butcher case and the butcher wanted me to pay him something. However, I’ve been in markets in Paris and other areas and they never seem to mind. I realize it would be most appropriate and polite to ask first! There just usually too much going on.


    1. When in France, I generally am over careful just to be sure I am not annoying anyone. With the French, it never hurts to be too polite.

  2. Dear Jim,

    My name is Annika Marklund and I’m a reporter for Sweden’s largest (print) fashion and lifestyle magazine, Sofis mode. I couldn’t find an e-mail address, so I hope it’s allright that I contact you this way!

    The thing is: we’re putting together a travel guide to Seattle where a local fashion personality shares her favorite shops, restaurants, clubs and so on with our readers, and she has named Café Presse the best café in town!

    We’d love to illustrate the guide with a photo of the café, and so I’m wondering if you might have one or a few in high resolution? If so, I’d be eternally grateful if I could have those photos in my inbox by Friday the 14th. I’ll send over a pdf of the spread as soon as the magazine is printed.

    Thank you so much in advance!

    With hopes of hearing from you soon,

    all the best,

    Annika Marklund
    Aftonbladet/Sofis mode

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