Plat du Jour at Le Pichet: Raclette Savoyarde

What:  Raclette Savorarde to be featured Plat du jour at Le Pichet
When:  During dinner only, beginning about October 7, 2011, until it is gone (the dinner special changes nightly…call Le Pichet to confirm that availability of Raclette)
Where:  Le Pichet
Just a quick note for those of you who are fans of Raclette Savoyarde:Normally we don’t expect that we will be able to purchase raw milk raclette until the winter time. However, wet recently received a call from Olivier at Corsican Cellars letting us know that he had two wheels available.  Given the number of requests for our Raclette Savoyarde that we have had recently, and given that the weather is turning colder, we asked Olivier to grab them for Le Pichet.  That means that, beginning later this week (probably about Friday) and continuing until it is all sold out, Le Pichet will be featuring Raclette Savoyarde as our Plat du Jour.

We can’t predict how long these two wheels will last before they sell out, so if you have your heart set on Raclette, please call Le Pichet to inquire about availability.

If you miss Raclette this week, not to worry…it will be back on the menu this winter as soon as we can get a dependable supply.

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