Bastille Day 2011 Photos

Here are a few photos of this year’s Bastille Day Party at Le Pichet.  The turnout this year was stellar from the minute we opened the doors.  Clearly the ambiance on Bastille Day is not the usual, calm Le Pichet experience.  If this look like fun to you, make sure to mark you calendar with the date for the Fête de Beaujolais Nouveau which takes place every year on the 3rd Thursday of November at Le Pichet.  This year the date is November 17, 2011.

"Le Quartet" was the first band to play at this year's Bastille Day Party

Longtime Le Pichet favorites The Djangomatics on Bastille Day.


Bastille Day crowd arrives at Le Pichet.


PS  Sorry for the photo quality; its tough in low light.

PPS Yes I know that “Vive la France” is not spelled “V-I-V-A”…one of the members of the waitstaff was having a little joke.


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