Summer 2011 Menu at Cafe Presse

Spinach salade with orange slices, pumpkin seeds and Forme d'Ambert


The summer menu for 2011 arrived at Cafe Presse last Thursday July 21.  As everyone who lives in Seattle is aware, the growing season in the Northwest is way behind schedule due to the unusually cool weather we have had this year (some people would say “the total lack of sun”).  But finally we are beginning to see the full bounty of summer arriving in the kitchen.  Figs, tomatoes, corn, cherries, melons, summer squashes, herbs (Cafe Presse Chef de Cuisine Jessi Aaenson reminds me that we are using no fewer than 10 different herbs in dishes on the new menu…a whole lot of preparation work in and of itself), all can be found in dishes on the Summer menu.  Jessi has designed a some very beautiful dishes and I have contributed some myself.  We hope that you will enjoy them.  Check out the new menu on the Cafe Presse website.

Pique-nique d’ete with smoked goat’s milk cheese, radishes, sausage and fig confiture
Falafal on a salade of summer melons, marinated chickpeas, oil cured olives and honeyed yogurt"
Summer menu dishes ready for staff tasting

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