Green figs from the garden!

The nice surprise of the summer:  our fig tree has produced a lot of lovely, sweet green figs!

We have always had a little fig tree, but in the past, it has never yielded much because it was basically buried by bamboo growing into our yard from the neighbors.  This spring, I got ambitious and really went after the bamboo, forcing it back to the other side of the fence and giving the fig tree a lot more space and sun.  And the little tree has really taken to its new freedom!  This box of about 2 kilos is only the start of the harvest as the tree is still full of unripe figs.

I made these into Fig-Vanilla Jam (see these older posts for the recipe and for a basic primer on jam-making) but I also look forward to eating them raw off the tree with slices of jambon de Bayonne…miam, miam.  Or what about with a nice runny goat’s milk cheese?

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