Melons de Lectoure

It’s a cliché, but a perfectly ripe melon and a perfectly dry-aged ham are an incomparable combination.  If you really want to gild the lilly, add a chiffonnade of fresh mint and serve with a sweet white wine from Jurançon, a dry sherry or even an off-dry sparkling wine.

The season for melons de Lectoure started a couple weeks ago but has really hit its stride this week. Not as well known as the Cavaillon melon from Provence, Lectoure melons come from the Gers, in the region around Toulouse.   This melon has been sitting on my dining room table for five days and is filling the room with its wonderful scent, meaning it is ready to eat.  The ham is, of course, jambon de Bayonne. Simple food really is the best!

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