First of the season cherries

Special today at Café Presse
A classic Basque combination: sheep’s milk cheese, cherries and piment d’Espelette

Special today at Café Presse:

First of the season Burlat cherries, with Brebis de Pyrenees sheep’s milk cheese and piment d’Espelette grilled baguette slices.

The Burlat cherry is an early-ripening varietal similar to a Bing.  Maybe not quite as sweet as a bing but more fruity, firm and delicious.  These organic cherries came from todays Farmer’s Market on Broadway.

In the French Basque countries, sheep’s milk cheeses are traditionally served with cherry comfiture, sometimes enlivened with the kick of the famous Basque ground chili, piment d’Espelette.

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