Today’s special at Cafe Presse: Axoa d’Espelette

Jan 2017 Axoa

It’s not easy to do justice to Axoa in a photo.  Regardless of its humble looks, this traditional Basque dish have become a favorite of guests at Cafe Presse and is one of our most requested menu offerings.

Traditionally in the  Basque countries, Axoa is made with either veal, pork or beef, slowly simmered with peppers, tomatoes, onions and garlic and served with steamed or fried potatoes. Our version, which takes it queue from the French town of Espelette, is made with a combination of range veal and grass fed beef, finished with the famous dried piment d’Espelette and paired with pommes frites,

Special today and for a limited time, come try our Axoa d’Espelette.

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