Summer in December and poule au pot

As I write this, I am sitting on the front terrace of our house in Orthez, enjoying the last rays of the evening sun and a glass of Bearn rosé.  After a number or rainy days last week, the weather here  has turned supernormally, fantastically beautiful, with temperatures that have made the outdoor tables at cafés prime real estate for lunch and afternoon apéros. Of course the temperatures drop quickly as soon as the sun goes down, so best to enjoy it while you can.

A trip to the farmers market yesterday revealed a wealth vegetables in the late fall / early winter vein…squash of many descriptions from bright orange potimarrons to the jack o’ lantern shaped citrouilles, so large they are sold in fat slices weighing several pounds; root vegetables, cabbages and members of the onion family hardy enough to linger in the cold winter potager.

Add to these a farm raised chicken, rich with yellow, corn fed fat, and you have all the ingredients for poule au pot, the perfect meal for a cold evening  (see this earlier post for a full description of this classic dish of southwestern France).  It is such a versatile dish that it seems like I make it every time I am here.  And it is so easy that even my wife, who hates to cook, can make it;  she was the one who cooked this one!

Poule au pot 1 Dec 2015

Poule au pot 2 Dec 2015

Paired with a green salad and a plate of local cheeses to finish, easy and satisfying.

Cheese and salade Dec 2015




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