New poultry inspection rules at Dept of Agriculture

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According to a July 31, 2014 article in the New York Times, the US Department of Agriculture has just released new rules for inspections during processing of poultry.  Couple o’ highlights:

1)  Poultry processing plants will now be responsible for inspecting themselves.

2)  New rules would set the maximum speed of processing lines at inspection points at 140 birds per minute.

What part of this was supposed to make me feel better about industrial chicken?

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4 thoughts on “New poultry inspection rules at Dept of Agriculture”

  1. One would have to have “eyes in the back of ones head” inspecting 140 chickens in 1 minute unless it’s done by an x-ray machine or an MRI. I’d like to know there is nothing wrong with the chickens I purchase.

  2. I totally agree to this one Jim! When were about to eat our food on the table, atleast we are rest assured that its safe and clean to eat. Poultry should be gone through multiple inspections to assure that their production is safe and clean to eat. We should also know where it came from and the standards of it. Thanks to this article Jim!

  3. I totally agree how food inspection and other regulation should be fully implemented to every farms/ poultry farms in order to attain the quality and safety of the food we eat. It also ensures the brand to be known in the market as the consumer is well informed that the food they brought is safe and clean. Great article! Thanks for posting this Jim!

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