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Cheese Counter Beauvau 9/5/11
Fromagerie in the covered Marche Beauvau in Paris’ 12th arrondissent.

Do you love cheese?  Do you wonder how your lactose-intolerant friends find the courage to carry on day after day?  Do you consider it a good thing that handling a well aged Saint-Nectare or Reblochon makes your hands reek for the rest of the day?  When you stand in front of a well-stocked cheese counter in Paris, do you feel the deep sadness of life more pointedly, knowing that back home in the USA, you will have access to only a tiny fraction of all this mold covered, curd-y goodness.

Me to.  Deep sigh.

But hey, buck up, there are a lot of great cheeses available here in Seattle.   And to prove it, from time to time, I would like to feature some of the delicious cheeses we are serving at Cafe Presse or Le Pichet, to talk about their characteristics and idiosyncrasies and provide a bit of historical background.

I call these features “Better Know a Cheese” and I will concentrate on featuring cheeses that are currently on our cheese board at Le Pichet or Cafe Presse.  And I will let you know at which restaurant they are being served so you can stop by and try them if they sound good.

  However, in the name of full disclosure, it is possible that the cheeses I mention may not be available at LP or CP even on the day that I mention them.  This is because our cheese board does not feature a set list of cheeses, but instead features our house-aged selections that are most ripe and ready to eat on any given day.  When the cheese we have is gone, we move on to another choice.  If not finding one particular cheese on your Assiette de Fromage is going to ruin your day, please call in advance to confirm availability.

First up, one of my favorite goat cheeses, coming soon.

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