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6-hour red wine braised beef shank with root vegetables.

The traditional American Thanksgiving Dinner menu doesn’t have much traction around my house.  Too much work for the payoff.  I guess I am just not a turkey guy (although I do love a well make  a pumpkin pie).

Instead, I prefer a combination of dishes made ahead, high quality purchased items, and slow simmered dishes that pretty much cook themselves on the corner of the stove, bubbling away all day.

This years menu?

Sardine rillettes;  Sliced jambon Serano;  pickled asparagus

First Course
Salad of Napa cabbage, fennel, treviso, satsumas and walnuts with walnut-grain mustard vinaigrette

Main Course
6 hour red wine braised beef shank, with carrots, turnips, beets and rutabagas
Roasted Brussels sprouts
Boiled brown rice

Cheese  Course
Pico;  Kukulu pur chevre;  Langres
Fig jam;  Imperial Valley dates

Roasted bosc pears with caramel sauce

Thanks 2013 2 jim

Thanks 2013 3 jim

PS:  Its also a lot easier when you are only cooking for a few people.

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