Full house Discusses GM Food Labels

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Last Tuesday afternoon, June 18, 2013, Cafe Presse hosted what we hope will be the first in a series of meetings to discuss Initiative 522, which will be on the ballot in Washington State in November of 2013.  I522 would require labeling of foods that contain Genetically Modified, or GM ingredients.

A full house of interested attendees  talked about what GM ingredients are, what foods they are in and what changes I522 would bring, among other subjects.  Representatives of the group “Yes on 522” were on hand to answer questions about the contents of I522 and were also taking contributions.  A camera crew from Washington news channel TVW was also there, filming the event for a story about I522 that aired the following day.

Checking the RSVP list.
Checking the RSVP list.

A Cafe Presse, we are very glad to be able to provide a space where discussions of important current events can have a home.   If you are interested in getting information about upcoming events, please sign up for our email newsletter by clicking the link on right of this page.


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