Le Pichet to get heat and A/C

If you have ever been to Le Pichet at 8am on a January morning, or on a sunny afternoon in August, you are aware that the restaurant has neither heat nor air conditioning.  It’s one of the challenges of being located in a vintage 1907 classic Seattle building.  The Livingston-Baker Building is a confusing maze of rooms and halls and closets and dead ends that makes facilities considerations very challenging, to say the least.  Of course we love being in the Pike Place Market – the corner of First and Virginia is officially the North East extreme of the Market Historical District – so we look at these things as part of the building’s idiosyncratic charm.

However, life at Le Pichet is about to get a little better.  We have had our application of the installation of an Heating/Air Conditioning system installed in time for this summer.

The work will take place mornings during the first week of June, 2013.  This work will not interfere with our lunch or dinner service.  However we will have the following special hours due to the installation:

Tuesday June 4, 2013:        11am till midnight
Wednesday June 5, 2013:   11am till midnight

Thursday June 6, 2013:      11am till midnight

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