“The Layover” Seattle Episode to air February 4th

Word is out:  Next Monday, February 4, 2013, at 9pm the Travel Channel will air an episode of Anthony Boudain’s  “The Layover” in which Tony visits Seattle. 

The show spent 5 – 6 hours filming at Le Pichet last July, so we are hopeful that some of that footage will make it into the final cut.  The filming focused mostly on Le Pichet’s house-made charcuterie, but several other dishes were filmed as well (they also filmed a segment, that, if used, should be amusing:  the director asked me to talk about my recommendations for “best of” Seattle…then, when the camera started rolling,  proceeded to ask my about things I never do.  Favorite whiskey bar?  Favorite hard rock nightclub?  Favorite doughnut?  Favorite place for greasy breakfast at 4am?  You are asking the wrong guy.)

I would hesitate to say that the the restaurant community in Seattle is star struck.  However, it is certifiable that anticipation for the Seattle episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Travel Channel program “The Layer” has been palpable.  Like my Mom always says, it’s  nice just to be asked to participate.

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