Bailey Boushay House Chef’s Dinner 2013

What:  21st Annual Bailey-Boushay House Chef’s Dinner
When:  Sunday January 20, 2013 beginning at 5pm
Where:  Bell Harbor International Conference Center, Pier 66 in Seattle

Every January for the last 13 years, it has been our great pleasure to have been invited to  participate as the Chef of Le Pichet at the Bailey-Boushay House Chef’s Dinner.

This is a great event and one that is worthy of your consideration.  The list of participating chefs is always impressive, as it is again this year.  One could not ask for a better cause to support than the great work done at the Bailey-Boushay House.  The evening is always filled with the most glamorous and interesting people in Seattle.  And of course the food and wine is always stellar.

You can learn much more about this event and the Bailey-Boushay House by visiting their website.  We really encourage everyone to add this important event to their January 2013 calendar.

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