Ecole Ferrandi on Alexander Lobrano’s “Diner’s Diary”

photo Ferrandi 2012

One of the food blogs that I consistently enjoy is Alexander Lobrano’s “Diner’s Diary”.  His accounts of dining experiences in Paris and his thoughts on dining, cooking and food are always entertaining, accurate and insightful.  Best of all, his opinions generally jive with my own, making his blog a valuable source of info for my (too infrequent) visits to Paris.  His book Hungry for Paris  (which includes photographs by Bob Peterson, good friend of Le Pichet and Cafe Presse and a hugely talented photographer)  is a great resource for anyone who is more interested in finding a great meal in Paris than in being seen at  the American media’s current “It” restaurant.

This morning I noticed a nice post about the École Supérieure de Cuisine Française Jean Ferrandi in Paris, where I did my formal training in 1990-91.  Although Ferrandi is still not well known by Americans,   inside France it has the reputation of producing some of France’s finest chefs (including three star chefs such as Yanick Alleno of the the Hotel Meurice in Paris and a number of chefs named “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”, France’s highest honor for technical proficiency…if you have seen the film The Kings of Pastry, you will have a idea what a great achievement this title implies).

I especially like the following bit from M. Lobrano’s post:

One of the huge global misapprehensions about professional cooking is that it’s all about creativity (much of this nonsense comes from the inane cooking shows that have become so popular). It’s not. Instead it’s all about a relentlessly rigorous execution of technique and ferociously exigent and ingenious sourcing…with a just pinch of creativity.

Well said.



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  1. Hello – I work at Ferrandi and manage the international program that you attended in 1990-91 ! I just came across your post and would be interested in hearing from you on my professional e-mail if you wish. Thanks !

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