New Dishes for Fall at Le Pichet

On November 1st,  chef de cuisine Jack Spiess unveiled a new menu of dishes for Fall at Le Pichet. This new Fall menu also features some old favorites returning for a seasonal appearance, including Huites cru a la bordelais (Local oysters, raw on the half shell with lemon, sauce mignonette and a grilled pork sausage) and Gratin Lyonnais (Lyon style onion soup).

Here are a few photos of the new items:

Salad of Belgian endive, curly endive and frisee tossed with grapefruit supremes, candied grapefruit and toasted pecans.

House smoked trout filet served with a salad of fingerling potatoes, apple, chives and creme fraiche.

Jambon persille, Burgundy-style white wine and ham terrine, served with quince compote and mustard-egg-herb-pickle sauce.

Savory winter squash-thyme bread pudding served with sauteed kale, onions, mushrooms and sultanas and butter poached duck egg.

Sauteed fish of the day with herbed gnocchi and and mussels in a creamy pastis-saffron fish broth with fennel and leeks.

House made blood sausage served on a saute of chestnuts, Brussels sprouts, buckwheat groats and a Calvados sauce vin blanc.

Bon Appetit!




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