A la Cloche des Halles

Ouefs Plat Jambon Fromage, at A la Cloche des Halles. Bob Peterson, 2012

After reading my recipe post for Le Pichet and Cafe Presse favorite  “Ouefs Plat Jambon Fromage”, Seattle based photographer Bob Peterson forwarded me these photos.  Seems I am not the only one to have tried this  dish at Paris Bistro a Vin and veritable institution “A la Cloche des Halles”.  Bob notes that there seems to be a lot more ham on the original;  my take is that the staff at la Cloche  distribute the ham differently than we do and uses a plate instead of a gratin dish so the meat is more prominent.  Or maybe Bob got a little extra love during his visit.  Either way, these look pretty tasty.

Thanks to Bob for sharing these photos.  You can check out more of Bob’s work at his website or in this earlier post.

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