Menu for August 2012 Corner Table

What: Family-style dinner at Cafe Presse
When: Tuesday August 28, 2012 6:30pm
Where: The back room at Cafe Presse

The next Corner Table dinner at Cafe Presse is scheduled for Tuesday July 31, 2012 at 6:30pm.  Space is limited and by reservation only so call today to save your place.

The Corner Table is a fixed price dinner designed to celebrate the changing season and the conviviality of the table. The meal will include 3 courses from Cafe Presse’s seasonal menu presented in the traditional style that one might be served if invited to the home of a French family. The meal will also include French country wines selected by wine manager Marcel Boulanger. It’s not about connoisseurship or solemn swirling and sniffing. Instead, come celebrate the best that the season has to offer and the simple pleasure of gathering together with good things to eat and drink.  We hope you can join us.

This Month’s Menu

Tartare de boeuf, ses croûtons au beurre et sa salade de cresson aux radis
“Raw, hand chopped and seasoned Northwest Grass Fed sirloin and hanger steak, butter fried croutons, watercress and radish salad†”

Assiette de fallafel et sa brochette aux crevettes
“Crispy chickpea fritters on a summer salad of melon, arugula, olives, mint, and honeyed yogurt dressing, served with a skewer of grilled wild Gulf prawns”

Clafouti aux fruits de saison
“Dense vanilla custard-cake baked with seasonal fruit, served warm with whipped cream”

$27 per person for the menu alone, $42 with wine (price does not include tax or gratuity)

Dinner begins promptly at 6:30pm.


For further information or reservations please call Café Presse at 206.709.7674.


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