Le Pichet to feature the cheeses of Ferme Kukulu

photo Kukulu 2012

What:  Exclusive Selection of the Cheeses of Ferme Kukulu
When:  Beginning May 19, 2012
Where:  At Le Pichet

In March of this year, I was lucky enough to have the chance to visit Ferme Kukulu in the French Basque Countries.  This family-run farm has been producing raw milk cheeses in the traditional style, using traditional methods for generations.

Now you can a taste the cheeses of Ferme Kukulu.
Just in time for the 2012 Seattle Cheese Festival, Le Pichet has arranged to bring the cheese of Ferme Kukulu to you.  Le Pichet is working together with Corsican Cellar to offer a very special sampling of these fantastic farmhouse cheeses.  We are offering an All Kukulu cheese plate in addition to our normal selection of house aged cheeses.  You will be able to try a selection of five Kukulu raw milk cheeses for only $12.  The selection includes:

Pur Brebis (sheep’s milk)
Pur Chevre (goat’s milk)
Brebis-Chevre (mixed sheep and goat’s milk)
Bleu de Brebis (blue made from sheep’s milk)
Pur Brebis au Piment d’Espelette (sheep’s milk with Espelette pepper)

Corsican Cellar, a Seattle-based importer that sells to restaurants and stores in the Pacific Northwest,  is the exclusive representative in the U.S. for Ferme Kukulu.   Le Pichet will be the only restaurant in America to have all five of the Ferme Kukulu cheeses imported by Corsican Cellar.


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