Philadelphia artists captures the many faces of cheese

The work of cheese portraitist Mike Geno. New York Times, 2012

Every once in a while, I see a cheese that is so ripe and well covered with multi-colored molds that it seems to resemble nothing so much as the work an  impressionist painter.  Perhaps an overstatement.

But when I first saw the cheese portraits of Philadelphia based artist Mike Geno , I felt like this point of view was in some small way vindicated.  His “Cheese Portraits”, a series of paintings depicting cheese, were  featured in a recent New York Times article.  The richly saturated colors of his compositions  seem almost to ooze off the canvas.   Check out the slideshow or visit Mike’s website.  A quick overview of his work reveals that Mike is in no way a one-dimensional artist.  Beyond the 40 odd paintings of cheese you will find portraits of other subjects.  Like bacon.  And bread.




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