Omelettes – the Ultimate Fast Food

New York Times January 16, 2012

We always knew it but I wont’ say “I told you so”.  According to an article in the New York Times by Martha Rose Shulman, eggs are much healthier than we have previously been lead to believe.  And an omelet (or “omelette” as we know them at Cafe Presse) is a fast and easy way to cook them. Says Ms. Shulman:

“For some time now the medical literature has been countering the myth that the cholesterol in eggs goes straight to the arteries and that eggs should be shunned by anybody committed to healthy eating. Studies have shown that only a small amount of dietary cholesterol passes into the blood and that saturated fats and trans fats have much bigger effects on cholesterol levels. In fact, according to the Harvard School of Public Health, the only large study that looked at the effect of egg consumption on heart disease found no correlation between the two, except among people with diabetes, who were a bit more likely to develop heart disease if they ate an egg a day.”

This news, coupled with the fact that eggs offer a very economical source of high quality protein, really make it hard to argue with her calling omelettes “the ultimate fast food”… they are good, good for you, easy to make and  a perfect light supper with a glass of wine and a green salad.

In France, lunch is still typically the main meal of the day (This is changing a bit in Paris but is still very true in the countryside).    Consequently, when spending time in France, if I have had a big meal at 1pm, I am often not ready for another heavy meal at dinner time.  The solution:  Omelette, salad, glass of wine.  What could be better?

I would only add a couple of snipes at the photo which heads the New York Times  article:  1) that is a lot of oil in the pan for cooking an omelette.  2) Olive oil really?  Use a teaspoon of butter instead…live a little.  After all, we just got through saying that the eggs are good for you!  3) Cooking an omelette in a stainless pan is definitely the hard way to go at it.  Unless the temperature is just right and you have a lot of oil (see #1 above), the eggs will stick.  I prefer a uncoated French steel pan that has been well tempered and that has been rubbed clean with salt between each omelette.

Or you could just come to Cafe Presse and let us make your omelette for you.

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  1. A lot of oil is an understatement; it’s absolutely swimming in oil! I would take your advice if I were in the mood for cooking, but I think I’ll take your second piece instead and head to Cafe Presse!

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