Garbure Landaise

Madame Cabannes of the Ferme-Auberge “Marquine” near Montfort-en-Chalosse offers this very simple recipe for Garbure.  Although the origins of garbure are generally assigned to Gascony, it it is found throughout the regions of southwestern France, many of which claim it for their own.  Madame Cabannes calls her version “Garbure Landaise”, les Landes being the region directly north of the Chalosse.  The translation is mine.

“In a soup pot, put water to boil; add seasonal vegetables, all that you have at hand (leeks, carrots, potatoes, onions, pumpkin, white beans that you will have soaked in water overnight).  When all this comes to a boil, add either the hock of jambon de Bayonne or necks or giblits of duck.  Let this cook gently for 4 hours.  Garbure demands patience and long cooking.  Reheat the garbure every day;  it will be better.”

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  1. Have always made this as it was a family recipe. Heaven knows, maybe it came from my French ancestory back in the 1300’s. Maybe no one checked how grandma got the way to make this, or her Grandma or hers or hers or hers…

    Use the duck and include the head. Wonderful thing!

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