Gratin Lyonnais Returns to Le Pichet on October 21st

The date for the return of Gratin Lyonnais, our Lyon-style onion soup, to the menu at Le Pichet has been set.  Le Pichet chef de cuisine Brent Harding will be starting a new menu that will feature the bounty of the Fall harvest, including Gratin Lyonnais,  on Friday October 14, 2011.   Without giving too much away about other new dishes that will be on the menu, I can tell you that we have been experimenting with a Basque inspired gratin of potatoes, salt cod, air dried ham and cream.  Fall is really here, at last.

As previously announced on this blog, the Gratin Lyonnais, or “soupe a l’oignon gratinée” as we call it at Café Presse, will be featured on the Fall menu at Café Presse which begins on October 18th.

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